Dr. Amy Williamson: 2019 POY Finalist

Dr. Amy Williamson

Department Chair of Behavioral Science / Professor, Psychology

Video Link: https://morainevalley.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=8be05122-4e84-40af-a535-a9f500fc8ab2

Ballot Information

  • Served as department chair of behavioral science 2006- present
  • Designed and implemented the Psychology Faculty Network
  • Expanded psychology course offerings and course sections
  • Brought various speakers to campus, assist with mental health panel
  • Presented several workshops for faculty development day 2002-present
  • Presented various workshops for the CTL 2000-present
  • Presented various workshops for Learning College Day
  • Developed and implemented new curriculum for dept. including the first honors PSY 101 (2002) , online PSY 205 and PSY 202
  • Participated in academic lecture series for IELP
  • Nominated for Master teacher 2004- Language partner project
  • Attended National Conference on teaching psychology 2003-2014
  • Published several articles including “Using Minority Viewpoints in the Classroom as Learning Tools”, “Understanding Post-Partum Depression” and “Educating those who Educate Biracial Children” 2003-present
  • Presenter at Midwest Institute for Students and teachers of Psychology 2003, 2011, 2014
  • Cited by several alumni in “People Who Made a Difference
  • Initiated and implemented first psychology hands-on lab equipment now utilized by all faculty 2003
  • Served as psychology rep for parent night 2003, 2004
  • Served on APA task force for e-publishing 2004
  • Awarded learning challenge grant 2004 for “Constructivist Approaches to Teaching
  • Attended numerous professional development workshops 2002- present
  • LCPC 2005-present
  • Participated in Academic Lecture Series 2005
  • Participated in Faculty Symposium- Eastern Illinois University 2005
  • Graduation line up volunteer 2005-present; Panel member for several panel discussions on campus
  • Organized several library panel discussions 2015-2019.
  • IAI representative for psychology 2010- 2017
  • Reviewed entire LRC psychology collection for updates 2005
  • Advisor for Women Empowered club 2013
  • Teamwork award nominee 2010
  • Diversity dialogue facilitator 2010
  • Completed Academy for Leadership and Development 2009-2010
  • Participated in Robbins “Back to School” parade 2010
  • DREAM mentor 2010
  • Earned Ed.D. 2010
  • Presented at Walking the Walk Diversity Conference 2011
  • Served on hiring teams for 8 faulty and several deans and Vice President
  • Service Excellence recognition 2013
  • Presented at MPA conference 2017
  • Served on non-tenured teams for 7 faculty members
  • Served as department chair mentor, 2016
  • Numerous past and current committees including: co- chair of green team, honors committee, AAT committee, title III grant team, online faculty learning team, PIE planning team , curriculum review team, Blackboard committee, Strategic planning teams, Datatel committee, Returning adult student committee, SAS committee, Adjunct advisory committee,  scheduling committee, Instructional, Infrastructure, and Security Subcommittee, Assessment Pilot project, assessment team, data usage team.