Professional Development Opportunities for Canvas – Fall 2016


For the fall 2016 semester, all faculty members may choose to use Canvas for some or all the classes that they teach; course shells will be available in both systems.

Please be aware, a plagiarism detection tool has not yet been identified to replace SafeAssign. This functionality will not be in place in Canvas until the official “go-live” in January 2017, when all courses must be in Canvas.  Additionally, if you use publisher content please work with your department to identify the best time to makes the switch to Canvas.

It is extremely important that students only need to access one system for your course materials throughout the semester. If you decide to transition to Canvas for the fall, please start the semester using Canvas and do not switch mid-semester! 

Having said that, we realize that students may first access Blackboard in search of your course.  To minimize confusion and communicate that your class has moved to Canvas, we kindly ask that you make your Blackboard course available, display only the Announcements page and post the following announcement, or something similar to your class:

“This course has been upgraded to our new learning management system, Canvas by Instructure. To access this course, please go to the website address: and login using your Moraine Valley credentials. To learn more about Canvas, see the Canvas student help guides and videos.

As a reminder, all courses must transition to Canvas for the start of the spring 2017 semester.  Blackboard will be shut down (forever!) and made unavailable to all users at the close of the fall 2016 semester.

Download (PDF, 601KB)

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