Designing and Publishing with Atavist

Atavist is a great tool for writing stories, building websites, and creating interesting designs. Its interface uses a simple drag and drop interface for users to easily add blocks into their designs. Atavist can easily integrate videos, sounds, images, charts, code snippets, Twitter elements, and more. 

Atavist is a great tool for dynamically presenting instructional content. It can be used in a face-to-face classroom as an alternative to standard presentation tools, or easily used online to present media rich content.

It’s a great tool for students, too. Atavist can be used for students to convey reports and presentations, allowing for creating more dynamic interpretations of course content with the aim of reaching higher level critical thinking skills.

Atavist is a “freemium” tool – The initial sign up plan is free, however higher level tiers are available at a cost.

Take a look – Atavist: Publishing & Storytelling Platform – Make Your Story

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