Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great way to create quick anonymous questions for your class using real-time data collection. This tool allows for an individual to create a poll without purchasing any additional equipment aside from what they already may have access to use. Essentials A recent computer – A computer purchased within the past 5 years should be suitable. A high speed Internet connection – This process will not work on dial-up Internet. Adobe Flash Player – If you do not have this installed, please download it at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.  Adobe Flash Player is available for all web browsers on Windows (XP, […]


Padlet (formerly WallWisher) is a great way to communicate with your students in an online manner. Imagine taking a large sticky pad of paper and distributing pages of it to students.  Each student grabs a marker and writes on their sticky poster.  They then take their sticky poster and put it up on the classroom wall, along with everyone else’s sticky poster.  Ultimately the wall is covered in a mosaic of sticky posters, each with a student’s thoughts and comments surrounding a subject.  This is what Padlet does — just online instead. Essentials A recent computer – A computer purchased […]