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Supervisory Skills Series

Program Overview

The Supervisory Skills Series (S3) is designed to provide a variety of developmental opportunities, skills, and resources for all supervisory level staff at Moraine Valley Community College. The Supervisory Skills Series occurs each semester and is considered a blended course that is comprised of five (5) face-to-face and three (3) online workshops, which will be led by an array of supervisors from the Moraine Valley community. In addition, two dialogue driven meetings will occur that will further enhance the program and will serve to foster connections amongst supervisory level staff on campus.

The program is structured in a collaborative-group led environment in which all participants will reflect upon his or her personal experiences and work to design their own supervisory approach. Each cohort is capped at twenty (20) participants.

Program Expectations

As a participant within the cohort you are expected to attend all scheduled sessions and participate in all coursework. You are allowed to miss one session throughout the course of the series. If you miss more than one session throughout the series, you will be asked to repeat the Supervisory Skills Series with a future cohort.

Workshop Topics

  • Program Introduction
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management (Online)
  • Delegation/Motivation
  • Hiring, Evaluation, and Discipline
  • Ethics and Supervision (Online)
  • Recognition Essentials (Online)
  • Morning Coffee (Dialogue Driven Discussions)
  • *Completion Celebration



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