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A Discussion on the Importance of Belonging


  We are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness at the same time as we have a crisis in democracy, marked by rising political polarization, disinformation, and political extremism. Join Psychology Professor Dr. Laura Lauzen-Collins, Sociology Professor Dr. Alison Lacny, History Professor Merri Fefles-Dunkle and Political Science Professor Kevin Navratil for a discussion on the importance […]

Advanced Microsoft Excel


Learn about some of the more advanced features of MS Excel. This workshop will review several advanced formulas (VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, INDEX) as well as data validation, goal seek, PivotTables, macros, and forms. The possible applications for each feature will also be explored. COURSE NUMBER: CTLE-T218-530.

Equity Allies Academy


This program offers an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Course number: CTLE-D110-531.

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