The Concept: A faculty member seeks college approval to devote full time to professional development activities.

Faculty Member: A faculty member is defined to include full-time teachers, counselors, librarians, LRC technicians, and academic advisors. See Article 1, Section 1.8 of the Faculty Agreement.

Eligibility: The applicant must have completed six (6) full academic years of satisfactory full-time service at the college, or have completed six (6) years of such service following a completed sabbatical leave granted by the college.

Length of Sabbatical Leave and Nature of Pay:

  1. A faculty member may request a sabbatical leave of either one (1) year at half-pay of one (1) semester at full pay.
  2. The board may grant an extension of the approved sabbatical up to one (1) additional year without pay.

Note: No more than seven (7) faculty members may be on sabbatical leave at one time. No more than four (4) sabbaticals will be granted in any one semester.

Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted to the chair of the Faculty Development Committee by November 1st for sabbatical leaves beginning with the fall semester in the following year and March 1st for sabbatical leaves beginning with the spring semester in the following year.


  • Sabbatical Requests are due to the Faculty Development Committee for review by November 1, 2017 for sabbatical leaves that begin in the 2018 fall semester.
  • Sabbaticals to start the 2019 Spring Semester are due March 1, 2018.

Application Requirements: A faculty member must submit a completed application that includes a written proposal and a dean’s letter of recommendation or acknowledgment. In addition, a copy of the sabbatical leave application must be sent to the attention of the President of the Moraine Valley Faculty Association.

Download the Sabbatical Request Application (Word Document)
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