Adjunct Faculty Resources

Adjunct Faculty Resources - Come iin, We're open!

The Center for Teaching & Learning is excited to offer all adjunct faculty professional development opportunities and support. This resource has been created specifically with new adjuncts in mind. We are confident that new through seasoned adjunct faculty will find the resources useful! Click on a button below to begin.

Getting Started: You will find your go-to Adjunct Resource Handbook.

Faculty Support Resources:  Take time to review resources geared towards faculty.

Student Support Resources:  Technically, these are resources for students, but you will find them useful to support our students in becoming successful.

Resource People:  A list of adjunct and subdivsion offices, people, and the online campus directory.

FAQs:  A few frequently asked questions.

Help Guides:  We’re currently updating help guides.  As we update them, we’ll add more.