Faculty Development Committee

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Overview of the Committee

The primary charge of this committee is to review full-time faculty requests related to professional development initiatives and screen nominees for faculty awards. The committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (fall and spring), between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Review full-time faculty funding requests to attend off-campus professional development conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. for approval.
  • Review full-time faculty requests to receive Professional Growth Unit (PGU) credits for professional development, learning, and/or related activities for approval.
  • Review full-time faculty requests for sabbatical leaves, retraining leaves, non-credit course reimbursement, and credit course reimbursement for approval.
  • Review full-time faculty requests to receive a mini-grant in support of an appropriate project for approval.
  • Select the Master Teacher of the Year, finalists for the Professor of the Year award, and/or individual faculty members for special recognition.
  • Assist the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) by providing counsel, lending aid at Faculty Development Days, helping in planning on-campus faculty development/learning activities, and the like.

The Committee membership is comprised of up to:

  • 2 faculty members from Career Programs
    •  Barbara Martin and Rita Kealy
  • 3 faculty members from Science, Business and Computer Technologies
    • Andrea Bailey, Laurene Kirby, and Chuck Bales
  • 3 faculty members from Liberal Arts
    • Mitch Baker, Jeffrey Christ, Carey Milsap-Spears
  • 1 faculty member from Counselors and Advisors
    • Anna Rogers
  • 1 faculty member from Librarians and Technicians
    • Joe Mullarkey
  • 1 faculty member from Enrichment Programs
    • David Gillham
  • 1 administrative representative
    • Dr. Cindy Anderson