Classroom Podiums

Podium Image
Classroom Podium

Most classrooms at Moraine Valley Community College’s main campus and off-campus sites are equipped with a technology-enabled podium, managed by Multimedia Services and the Help Desk.  Each podium is equipped with:

  • Projection system
  • Computer and monitor
  • VHS player/recorder
  • DVD player
  • Document camera
  • Cables for a laptop or similar device
  • Power source

Several different setups of campus podiums can be found throughout the Moraine Valley campuses.  All systems contain the same equipment however the instructions to enable their use is different based on the technology available at the time the podium was installed.

The Version 4 podium is most common across Moraine Valley’s three campuses. Please view the Version 4 Podium Manual.  Manuals for other systems are available on the Multimedia Services AV Guides site.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (708) 974-5347.