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Canvas Guides

Training Services Portal

The Canvas Training Services Portal, available via Canvas Help menu,  allows instructors to access self-paced training resources on a variety of topics. To access the training:

  1. Login to Canvas at
  2. Click the Help icon on the Global Navigation menu.
  3. Click the Training Services Portal link.

Note: If prompted to authorize access to your account, click the Authorize button. Additionally, a training portal tutorial may launch to acclimate you to the training site.

We strongly encourage first time users to self-enroll and review the resources available in the “Higher Education: First Day Ready” Learning Pathway, which can be accessed in the Learning Library.  This training is comprised of following four mini courses:

  1. Opening Canvas
  2. Creating a Canvas Course
    Note: “Official” Canvas course shells will be automatically generated for each course section a few weeks before the semester begins. As an instructor, Canvas will also allow you to create a new course by clicking the “Start a New Course” button, available on the Dashboard. You may want to create a course for practice and training purposes or to create a course “Master” course template. Content can be copied from these sites to your other course sites in Canvas.
  3. Getting Started with Assignments and Assessments
  4. Grading and Feedback

They also provide a learning pathway titled, “Canvas Teacher App Overview“, that may be helpful for faculty wanting to access Canvas from an Android or iOS device.

Canvas Live Webinar Recordings

Canvas has hosted a variety of live webinars. Please view the full list of Canvas Live Webinar Recordings. 

We suggest the following titles:

Best Practices