Emergency Closures

Be Canvas READY

Be proactive! We encourage faculty to consider the following checklist to be prepared in the event of a campus closure.   Note, that clicking the links will bring you to related guides.

R – Review your resources

  • Download the student roster and contact information from MVConnect.
  • Ensure you can access your course materials. You may want to download a copy of the course syllabus, backup files to a portable drive or cloud resource, or upload files to Canvas.
  • Review your course schedule and identify content and activities that can and cannot be easily transitioned online. Determine if the course schedule can be modified.

E – Explore Canvas communication tools

A – Assemble an online module

D – Develop online activities (and grade them!)

Y –  You might want to consider…

  • Limiting the amount of “new” tools you use.
  • Encouraging students to create an emergency plan.
  • Downloading and experimenting with Canvas Teacher and Canvas Student mobile apps.
  • Determining how you will document schedule and grade changes.
  • Researching alternative learning materials, like video content and library resources.
  • Allowing students to submit assignments as text to accommodate mobile apps.
  • Developing knowledge checks using Canvas Quizzes.
  • Meeting the needs of students with accommodations or students who are absent.
  • Sharing Canvas help guides with students.

Canvas Jump Start Series

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