Online Course Development

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About the Program

Online Course Development (OCD) is the completely redeveloped program dedicated to teaching instructors how to create, revise, or facilitate an online or hybrid course. The course is for instructors who want to learn how to teach online.

What Are Online and Hybrid Courses?

Online Courses

Online courses are delivered and managed entirely through the Internet using the Canvas learning management system. Students can complete a course without having to visit the College or any of the offsite campuses. While students may primarily come from the college’s own district, students from other parts of the country may take a course as well. All fully online courses have section numbers between 300 and 349.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are delivered mostly through the Internet using the Canvas learning management system. Students must attend in a physical classroom for at least one credit hour per week, or 800 minutes spread over a semester. All hybrid courses have section numbers between 350 and 399.

What’s in the program?

  • The differences between traditional face-to-face learning and online/hybrid learning
  • Copyright and licensing
  • Universal design for learning and accessibility
  • Instructional models and theories
  • Course organization
  • Technology integration
  • Communication strategies
  • Alternative assessments
  • and more.

Time and Workload

Online Course Development runs as a fully online 8 week course, with an average 3 hours of work per week. The first half of the content is made available from the start of the class, with the second half of the content made available on week five. Tasks occur on a weekly basis with due dates assigned.

How can I participate?

The Application to Participate is a fillable form. Please click the link below to download it to your computer or open it in your web browser. Please review and complete all items within the application, print it, obtain your Department Chair’s and Dean’s signatures, and return it to the Center for Teaching and Learning in L244.


One group will run during the Spring 2018 semester, with a maximum of 15 participants.

The group will begin on Monday, February 5, ending on Sunday, April 8, 2018.
This includes a one week accommodation for Spring Break week.

If you would like to join, complete and submit the Application to Participate before the dates above.
Availability is limited.



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