Voter Registration and Election Resources

To support civic engagement, Moraine Valley encourages its students to vote. To register to vote, go to Illinois Voter Registration. For more information, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections. To find out if you are registered to vote and where your polling place is located go to Illinois Voter Registration Information

If you are interested in learning more about candidates in the up coming elections go to: League of Women Voters of Illinois and then click on the Voter Guide tab and enter your address. This will allow you to see all of the candidates for each specific office. This site will also connect you to your current elected officials if you wish to contact them (contact your legislators tab).

Voting & Election Resources

  • Who’s on my ballot? has a tab that allows you to type in your address to find out all of your candidates for various offices in the upcoming Illinois Primary election.
  • Find Your Representatives – Common Cause Discover your political representatives, connect with them, explore the legislation they’ve introduced, examine the committees they’re part of, and review the political contributions they’ve secured.
  • Your Voter Information | Cook County Clerk This tool offers comprehensive information on your polling location, ballot specifics, elected representatives, and additional relevant details.
  • Ballot type in your address and select your party ballot to see all of the candidates for each specific office, ballot referendums, and early voting information. There are also tabs near the top for Issue Stances and Endorsements.
  • Vote for Confused about judges and whether to retain them? You aren’t alone and this site contains evaluations for each judge from the bar associations and endorsements from Chicago Tribune.
  • Politics 1 directory of candidates for Illinois political office.
  • Registering to Vote in Illinois (PDF)This document guides you through the process of registering to vote in Illinois, as outlined by the Illinois State Board of Elections. It includes locations where you can register, voter registration requirements, and the types of identification you might need when registering to vote.

Resources to Improve Political Dialogue