Self-Guided Tutorials

The Center for Teaching and Learning now offers a number of self-guided tutorials. These tutorials are intended to be viewed independently of any face-to-face training, allowing the viewer to review content of relevance. Each self-guided tutorial contains a final task to complete and submit to the CTL, allowing the viewer to obtain workshop credit for accurate completion.


Accessible Documents
Creating documents with accessibility in mind helps a variety of learners.

Accessible Presentations
Creating presentations with accessibility in mind helps a variety of learners.

Accessible Video
Creating video with closed captions helps everyone, from deaf students to the new language learner.

Accessibility in Canvas
Keeping content accessible within Canvas ensures access for all different kinds of students.


Adjunct Faculty Onboarding
Whether you are new or returning, the on-boarding experience will be an excellent resource to help you learn more about our College, and explore resources to help you become a more successful instructor.


Creating a Sense of Community with Canvas
Canvas can be a focal point of generating community within a classroom.

New Gradebook
The new Canvas gradebook feels familiar, yet has a has a variety of new features, including the option to apply grade statuses and create missing and late policies.

Online Teaching

Review Your Online Course with OSCQR
Intended for existing online/hybrid instructors, the tool will aid instructors in reviewing a course against current online/hybrid course standards in higher education.