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This educational toolkit is packed with valuable insights, practical tips, and a variety of resources, specially curated to enhance classroom teaching and learning experiences.

In Dec 2022, OpenAI released a free public beta of ChatGPT built on their GPT3 answer bot. This exciting opportunity to try out an advanced AI by nearly everyone created many discussions, opportunities, and concerns about what this new technology meant for teaching.

Please join us in reviewing these resources and continuing this conversation.

AI/ ChatGPT Toolkit

Syllabus Resources

MVCC Statement on ChatGPT and Generative AI

All students are expected to maintain academic integrity in their academic work and honesty in all dealings with the College. A student who cheats, plagiarizes, or furnishes false, misleading information to the College violates the academic integrity code of conduct.

With an increase in the availability of online writing tools, students should be aware that submitting work created by AI software could be considered plagiarism unless an instructor has pre-approved its use.

Researching Syllabus Statements

Laura Lauzen-Collins has a document with research on syllabus statements regarding AI content which may be helpful. This document breaks out sample syllabus statements from multiple Colleges and Universities by:

  • Prohibitive Statements
  • Partial Use Statements
  • Wider Use Statements

Developing A Syllabus Statement

  • A discussion of generative AI in your syllabus and in the classroom can help students to better understand these tools and can also help to prevent misuse.
  • You will generally want to consider whether you would like to use a strictly prohibitive statement, a flexible/partial use statement or a wider use statement. As you consider your policy, you may want to use the resources below.
  • From AI to A+: Prepare your students for using ChatGPT and other AI
    • This first article introduces the concept of using green, yellow and red coding for your students to help them to understand when it is acceptable for them to use AI and when it is not.
  • Update your course syllabus
    • This article helps guide you through some of what you might want to consider as you update your syllabus (this article is a bit older).
  • Implementation after Artificial Intelligence Workshop #2: How to Create an AI policy (1 hour webinar)
    • The document that is attached to this webinar is incredibly helpful in guiding you through how to think through your statement
  • Course policies and syllabi statements (University of Michigan)
    • This site gives guidance about what to consider for a syllabus statement
  • Massive Google doc with many syllabus statements
    • This google doc was put together by Lance Eaton to help faculty members see examples of what others are using.

Curated Resources

Teaching Resources


Sharing recordings of informative webinars on Generative AI/ ChatGPT in education.

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