Certificate for Accessibility

CTL Accessibility Certificate seal depicting the CTL logo over an open book, surrounded by the department name and the words Accessibility Certificate underneathCTL Certificate Program – Certificate for Accessibility

The Center for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce a new certificate program focused on accessibility. The certificate is intended to reflect your awareness and capabilities in creating content that can be used by people with a range of abilities.

How Do I Earn the Certificate for Accessibility?

You will need to complete several tasks to earn the certificate:

  1. To sign up to work toward completing the certificate, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at (708) 974-5347, email us at ctl@morainevalley.edu, or use our contact form.
  2. Complete three professional development activities related to accessibility or the Student with Disabilities Workshop (listed below). These can be face-to-face, online, or self-guided CTL trainings and workshops, or student support workshops focused on students with disabilities.
  3. Complete an accessibility scavenger hunt – Locate and submit 3 inaccessible items with descriptions of how to make them properly accessible. All 3 items will be submitted via Canvas.
  4. Write a short reflection of three to five sentences explaining your awareness of accessibility and how you will change your own processes, citing a specific example. Your self-reflection will be submitted via Canvas.
  5. After completing all other activities, complete an accessibility self-assessment via Canvas.

Professional Development Offerings Related to Accessibility

Workshops listed start Thursday, September 12, 2019

Compose emails to ensure equal access to content.
CTLE-S140-501   9/12 (Thursday)   11-11:30 a.m.   L243   L. Dyrda

Create organized documents to reach individuals with diverse abilities and skills.
CTLE-S141-501   9/12 (Thursday)   10:30-11 a.m.   L243   S. Gallagher

Create presentations to reach individuals with diverse abilities.
CTLE-S142-501   9/12 (Thursday)   11:30 a.m.-Noon   L243   A. Marcasciano

Create video to reach individuals with diverse abilities and situations.
CTLE-S143-501   9/12 (Thursday)   1:30-2 p.m.   L243   S. Leturno

Learn to use a tool to scan courses and fix issues that may prevent access for some students.
CTLE-S144-501   9/12 (Thursday)   L243   L. Dyrda

Make sure your class meets the needs of all students.
CTLF-S128-501   9/19 (Thursday)   1-2 p.m.   L244   S. Brennan, N. Payovich
CTLF-S128-502   10/29 (Tuesday)   11 a.m.-Noon   L244   S. Brennan, N. Payovich

Located on the CTL’s website: Self-Guided Tutorials, under Accessibility.

Registering for Sessions and Up-to-Date Offering Information

For the most up-to-date offerings and full descriptions, visit our event calendar.

To register, go to MVConnect under “Search, register, and pay for Non-Credit classes.”

Guided instructions on how to register can be viewed by visiting the Training Opportunities & Proposals page.

What Do I Receive When I Complete the Certificate Requirements?

After completing all tasks, you will receive a physical certificate. Additionally, eligible Full-time Faculty will receive PGUs for their three professional development activities.


Please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at (708) 974-5347, email us at ctl@morainevalley.edu, or use our contact form.