Clever Catch Balls

Ice Breaker Intermediate

Ice Breaker Ball

Clever Catch instructional balls come equipped with rules, questions, and physical activities. Only the questions are printed on the vinyl balls – the answers are on a separate sheet. The balls hold up to enthusiastic tossing and they are easily inflated by mouth or a balloon hand pump and then later deflated. An insert that includes the answers also includes recommended rules for play, but instructors can modify the rules to fit their needs.

The CTL currently has the following Clever Catch Balls available for checkout:

  • Astronomy – Students practice their knowledge of astronomy through play
  • Blank – You make the questions and design the ball as needed for topics your students need help with most.
  • Calculus – Limits, derivatives and integrals are included in the questions on this 24″ Clever Catch ®. (No Latex!)
  • Chemistry – Example question: Which of the three basic particles in an atom lacks an electrical charge?
  • CPR & First Aid – This colorful, inflatable 24″ vinyl ball (no latex!) provides a fun way for students to practice their CPR and first aid skills.
  • Green Earth – Energy conservation, Recycling and Global Warming!
  • Human Anatomy – 24″ inflatable ball for dealing with questions relating to the human body.
  • Ice Breaker Intermediate – The fun game of tossing and answering questions to help your students get to know each other better.
  • Ice Breaker Advanced – The fun game of tossing and answering questions to help your students get to know each other better.
  • Minerals – This 24″ inflatable ball makes learning about Minerals and their properties a bunch of fun!
  • Physics – Example question: Acceleration can be found by dividing velocity by___________?
  • Probability and Statistics – Statistics have never been this fun! Includes 87 challenging questions with a complete answer sheet.
  • Recycling – Example question: Recycling aluminum helps to __________.
  • Write-On Globe – Completely blank world globe and ready for versatile use!


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