Instructional Strategies

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The way we teach is just as important as the content itself.  As all students learn differently and come from different levels of ability, it’s necessary to use different instructional strategies to reach as many students as we can.

Featured resources:
* Teaching First‑Year Students – From Dalhousie University, a series of tips on engaging first year students and helping them succeed.
* Student Collaboration in the Face-to-Face Classroom – Collaboration in the classroom can take many forms, but often will involve group work to teach one another while the instructor can serve as the “guide on the side”.

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Video for Version 4 Podium!

A video for the version 4 podium is now available!  You can easily view this video through the Classroom Podiums page!  If you’d like, view it right here as part of this posting!  Just click the post title above!