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Fall 2017 Workshops Available!

View the CTL’s fall 2017 workshops! You can also check out the schedule on the CTL’s Opportunities page or on the CTL’s Event Calendar page.  Please note, dates/times are subject to change. To register and see the most up-to-date offerings, please use the “Search, Register, and Pay for Non-Credit Classes” section of MVConnect. Refer to the Professional Development Training Guide for more information on using MVConnect to search, register, or drop sessions. If you do not have a Moraine Valley email address or cannot login to MVConnect to view and register for workshops, please contact the CTL at (708) 974-5347. Hope to see you […]

Sabbatical Requests

Requests for sabbaticals to begin Spring 2018 are due to the Faculty Development Committee by March 1, 2017. For more information about sabbaticals, please visit our Sabbaticals information page.

Version 4 Podium image

Campus Podiums

Most classrooms at Moraine Valley Community College’s main campus and off-campus sites are equipped with a technology enabled podium. If you are seeing guides on how to use the podium, please reference the Classroom Podiums page. Additionally, a video is now available for the Version 4 podium, the podium that is most common across Moraine Valley’s three campuses.  Please view the video through this link, or watch through the video window below.

Podium V4 YouTube Image

Video for Version 4 Podium!

A video for the version 4 podium is now available!  You can easily view this video through the Classroom Podiums page!  If you’d like, view it right here as part of this posting!  Just click the post title above!

Poll Daddy

Poll Daddy is a great way to create quick anonymous questions and surveys for your class. This tool allows for an individual to create a poll, survey, or quiz without purchasing any additional equipment aside from what they already may have access to use. The tool also allows for content to be rated by users to determine its efficacy. Essentials A recent computer – A computer purchased within the past 5 years should be suitable. A high speed Internet connection – This process will not work on dial-up Internet. Optional iPad iPhone Example How to do it Poll Daddy itself […]