Ten Tips for Getting Starting in Canvas

Below are links to online guides to help you setup your Canvas course. We suggest you first “start a new course” to serve as a master copy then copy that course to your fall courses. For in-depth training, please see our online “Canvas: Faculty Training and Resources” course or check out our fall workshop programming.  More details are available at ctl.morainevalley.edu.

  1. Post Your Course Syllabus
  2. Publish Course Materials
  3. Publish Course Assignments
  4. Setup Grades
  5. Choose Course Home Page
  6. Reorder/Hide Course Navigation Links
  7. Copy Your “Master Course”
  8. Review Course Settings
  9. Publish Your Course
    Note: By default, your course will be in a view-only state until the official course start date.

  10. Always Remember To Logout And Close the Browser!

Other Things to Know

  • The Help Desk should be the first-point of contact on all technical issues for both faculty and students. Additionally, a few help desk personnel have been granted course view-only permissions to support students. The help desk will communicate with you if they needed to view your course in efforts to support a student help request. The Help Desk can be reached at 708-608-4357 (HELP) or via MVConnect.
  • A “Canvas: Student Training and Resources” course has been created to assist students in learning about Canvas. Students can self-enroll in this site in Canvas.

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