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This course is designed for faculty members interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and how it might be used in the classroom. Students will gain foundational knowledge in AI, learn effective prompting techniques, and explore innovative classroom activities. The course aims to equip educators with practical skills to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes through AI applications.

MVLA: Chat/GPT for Teachers (CTLF-M222-530)

This course will familiarize faculty members with what ChatGPT and AI are and how faculty members can use ChatGPT in their classrooms and in their assessments. The strengths and weaknesses of AI and AI detection will be discussed, as well as the ethics and concerns of AI’s presence in education and in our world today.

Education and Generative AI Roundup #2: A Monthly Review and Exploration of the Latest Development

League of Innovations and Packback is presenting this webinar highlighting what’s new with generative AI and some amazing work from faculty, administration, and institutions as they navigate this new and rapidly changing technology. Rotating panelists, experts in education and technology, will provide insight and advice during a dedicated Q&A. You’ll learn how generative AI can be used to enhance teaching and learning and discover new tools and resources for incorporating AI into your classroom.  This session is for both faculty and administration. Participants will receive the latest information to aid them in being thought leaders around AI. To join Education […]