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The Sum of Us is Greater Than

This workshop is a compilation of reading, discussion, and problem-solving as a group based on Heather McGhee’s analysis of racism in our society based on her 2021 book “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together.” Discover the impact of racism and systemic racism on our society and learn how to work together to overcome racism and improve student outcomes. Independent reading of Heather McGhee’s book is required prior to the Webex, brown bag lunch meetings on June 28 and July 19th. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own book. Suggested sources: 1) The […]

Equity Allies Academy

This program offers an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Course number: CTLE-D110-530.

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This week’s post gives you some useful tips on how to work on your professional development during the holidays. Also, on NISOD will present its webinar, Embracing the Issues of a Typical Student to Create a Welcoming Classroom, on Thursday, January 12 at 1:00 p.m.

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CTL Updates Week of December

This week’s post offers a variety of free sources, such as, webinars, abstracts and/or podcasts for you to gain knowledge and insight from industry experts on how to provide an effectively inclusive and equitable online or in-person classroom setting.

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This week’s post offers the CTL workshop, College 101 Canvas Shell Training. This course will help COL 101 instructors integrate the Canvas shell into their course. Also NISOD will present a live webinar, Student Reports as Effective Formative Assessment, this webinar will help transform your exam data into a very effective student report. To register for the CTL workshop(s) look for the course codes given in the post and go to MVConnect.