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Leading with Impact: Crafting Your Leadership Story – Part 1 (CTLE-V203-560)

Leading with Impact: A Skills Series is a three part series takes individuals through identifying who they are as leaders to building leadership portfolios and finally equipping them with a manager’s toolkit to help them as a supervisor at Moraine Valley Community College. This program is a strongly encouraged for all supervisors across the college. Part 1 is designed to help attendees understand that leaders are in every role and help attendees identify their leadership style.

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2018 Leadership Summit

The 2018 Dr. Vernon O. Crawley Leadership Summit as inspired by Dr. Sylvia M. Jenkins will take place on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 8:00am-4:30pm in Moraine Room 3, Building M. The Leadership Summit is a one-day, leadership development opportunity for the graduates of the Dr. Vernon O. Crawley Leadership Assembly.  This year’s theme is “Discover Your True North“.  Participants will focus on the idea of Authentic leadership as it relates to their personal and professional life. For more information on all of the Leadership Academy programs, please visit our Leadership Academy information page. The next Leadership Assembly will take […]