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MVLA: Chat/GPT for Teachers (CTLF-M222-530)

This course will familiarize faculty members with what ChatGPT and AI are and how faculty members can use ChatGPT in their classrooms and in their assessments. The strengths and weaknesses of AI and AI detection will be discussed, as well as the ethics and concerns of AI’s presence in education and in our world today.

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CTL Updates for January 24, 2022

This week’s post highlights online course development applications, office 365 accessibility tips, upcoming MVLA programming, and registration for a live webinar on removing completion barriers for non-traditional students.

MVLA: Adding Colors to Your Canvas Palette – Additional Tools for Teaching and Assessment in Canvas

Participants will be exposed to various technologies that they can use to improve student learning and make information more accessible to students through their Canvas courses. This MVLA course will focus on providing faculty with information and strategies that may be used to improve their Canvas courses. You can register through MVConnect . For more information, contact Jim McIntyre at 708-608-4059 or

MVLA: High Priced Textbooks

This six (6) week asynchronous course highlights options for saving students money by replacing expensive textbooks with low-cost or no-cost options. Along with library resources and other cost saving measures, participants will explore open educational resources; class resources that are freely available to students and freely editable by faculty. It also provides an opportunity to explore these textbook alternatives, plan for integrating this material into courses, and identify and develop effective strategies for presenting this new content.