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ON – DEMAND WEBINAR ACUE presents, Driving Student Recruitment and Mental Health through Generative AI. Participants will understand the student mental health dynamics related to choosing to attend their institutions along with motivation drivers important to student decisions to enroll and understand how ChatGPT4 and other Generative AI tools can amplify the message and personalize the appeal. To access the webinar click here.   CTL WORKSHOPS Professional Development Offerings – Spring 2024 Please see the list of Professional Development opportunities scheduled for the spring 2024 semester. Additional offerings will be announced as scheduled. COURSE NAME CODE DATE ENGAGING DISCUSSION BOARDS […]

Worn Out or Burnt Out? Living and Leading in an Age of Exhaustion

A 2022 Gallup poll found that educators reported the highest level of burnout of any industry, and 35% of college and university workers reported “always” or “very often” feeling burned out at work. We hear the word burnout frequently, but what does it mean? Why is everyone talking about it these days? Learn how to identify burnout and how to stop or prevent it for yourself and your team.