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  Training will include: • An introduction to the PIE process and form. • Personalized assistance for your department’s FY24 PIEs. This could include a draft PIE form or your notes/thoughts about anticipated plans for FY24. Trainers will be available to assist you with formalizing your PIE plan(s), including defining the 1) current situation/baseline data/objective; 2) action steps; and 3) evaluation measures. • Instructions on how to enter a PIE form into the MVConnect Portal. • An opportunity for you to enter your own PIE form into the portal. Course Code: CTLE-P116-531 Webex link: https://morainevalley.webex.com/morainevalley/j.php?MTID=mf195feb68c46b4862105becd92a51d4f  


This training will help those preparing to submit a PIE (Plan, Improve, Evaluate) Plan for FY22. At least one of each department’s FY22 PIEs will focus on Equity. Training will include: an introduction the PIE process and the PIE portal form, and discussion of Equity PIEs. Assistance with developing and/or finalizing a submitter’s FY22 PIEs will be provided. Submitters can bring a draft PIE form or your notes/thoughts about anticipated plans for FY22. To register, Go to MVConnect (Course Code CTLE-P125-561)

PIE Results Training

The PIE Results Reports form has been updated and enhanced. Learn about the updated form and obtain tips for ensuring your report accurately reflects your work.