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This is Not Normal: The 2024 Candidacy of Donald Trump

The 2024 candidacy of former President Donald Trump is unlike any political campaign in United States history. It is unprecedented to have a presidential nominee running for office after two impeachment acquittals and currently facing 4 indictments and 91 felony charges. MVCC political science faculty will examine this unique candidacy and how the second Trump presidency may differ from the first, including policies Trump may pursue, fewer institutional constraints on the Trump presidency, and implications for democracy and international relations. This event will take place in the Library Lounge (Building L) or you can watch it as it streams on […]

The Factions Within: The Schisms in the Democratic Party

Over the past year, cracks have been forming within the Democratic coalition over several topics including social issues, whether Joe Biden should run for a second term, U.S. support for Israel, and several other issues. In this panel discussion, political science faculty members will examine these divides and help us understand the different demographic groups that come together to form modern political parties. This forum will be held in the Library Lounge (Building L) or it can be seen streaming on YouTube. Click here to view.