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ChatGPT Workshop #3: How to Create Generative AI Lessons for Your Discipline

League of Innovations and Packback is facilitating this webinar which is designed for educators across all levels and disciplines, equipping them with the tools to teach their students about generative AI, specifically as it relates to your discipline. Over half of our students are using generative AI. It is imperative that we teach our students how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI. During this workshop, you’ll learn how instructors have been teaching their students about generative AI—with and without the actual use of any AI product—and begin crafting your own lesson plan and/or learning activities to implement this fall. […]

Education and Generative AI Roundup #2: A Monthly Review and Exploration of the Latest Development

League of Innovations and Packback is presenting this webinar highlighting what’s new with generative AI and some amazing work from faculty, administration, and institutions as they navigate this new and rapidly changing technology. Rotating panelists, experts in education and technology, will provide insight and advice during a dedicated Q&A. You’ll learn how generative AI can be used to enhance teaching and learning and discover new tools and resources for incorporating AI into your classroom.  This session is for both faculty and administration. Participants will receive the latest information to aid them in being thought leaders around AI. To join Education […]

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This week’s post offers webinars from Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). Learn from industry experts how to organize your course from the students’ point of view. And learn techniques to help students get the most out online discussions.