What’s an RSS feed?

What’s an RSS feed?

Ever notice a small icon in your address bar or on a web page that looks like radio waves, just like this one?

RSS Feed Icon

The icon denotes something called “Really Simple Syndication”, better known as an “RSS feed”. The RSS feed is a way for websites to communicate articles of content through tools known as feed readers. These feed readers allow an individual to add an RSS feed for quick access to a website’s articles without having to visit a website itself. The best part? Most websites have RSS feeds, including this one!

All you need to do to make use of an RSS feed is have a screen reader. If you have Microsoft Outlook, you already have one. Microsoft provides great and simple directions on how to add an RSS feed to Microsoft Outlook.

If you’d like to add this site as an RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook, use https://ctl.morainevalley.edu/feed/rss/ as the location of the feed. Alternatively, right-click and copy the link of the RSS feed icon hovering at the far left of this page.