Adding tags to images in your Canvas course

After you add an image to a course you are not done yet.

You can add an image to your course then you need to edit the ‘Alt Text’ tag so it is done right. The Alt Text should describe the image and the importance of the image in context to how it is used in your course.

So a banner image could simply say “Banner image Canvas at Moraine Valley.” When an image is used in an assessment the alt text needs to give enough detail so that the student using a screen reader or other aid has the same chance to get an A on the assessment as a student who can see the image.

The Alt Text should not be just the file name of the image. And the Alt Text should not be longer than 100 characters long.

Here is how you verify and update the alt text tag of an image in your course.

Highlight the image then click the embed image tool.

Adding Image

The embed image dialogue will open with the Alt Text reveals in the Attributes section in the middle bottom of the dialogue.


Find the Alt Text field on the image dialogue

Edit the Alt Text appropriately for the image in context to how it is used in your course.
Change Atl Text from File name to something descriptive..

Click the green ‘Update’ button to apply the changes.

As you see it is easy to do and you can do it when you add images. Keeping up with Alt Text as you create your content will save you from having to correct so many images alt text tags at a later date.