Quick Tips to Set Up a New Course in Canvas

Below are links to online guides to help you set up your Canvas course. We suggest you first “start a new course” to serve as a master copy then copy that course to your courses. Please see the Canvas Training page for detailed information about our training opportunities.

  1. Log in to Canvas at https://canvas.morainevalley.edu 
  2. Manage “Favorite” Course List
    Note: Your course(s) should automatically appear on the Dashboard page in Canvas.

    1. How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor?
  3. Post/Edit Your Course Syllabus
    1. How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor?
    2. How do I edit the Syllabus description in a course?
  4. Add Course Materials
    1. How do I create a module?
    2. How do I add items to a module?
  5. Add Course Assignments/Gradebook Items  
    The assignments page generates gradebook items.

    1. How do I create an assignment?
    2. How do I add or edit details in an assignment?
      We highly encourage you to add due dates to assignments. They will automatically be added to the course calendar.
  6. Setup Grades
    1. How do I add an assignment group in a course?
    2. How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups?
  7. Choose Course Home Page
    1. How do I change the Course Home Page?
  8. Manage Course Settings
    1. Review course settings: How do I manage the options in the Course Details tab?
    2. Reorder/Hide Course Navigation Links: How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links?
  9. Schedule Course Availability:
    1. Review course dates:  How do I change the start and end dates for a course?
    2. Publish your course: How do I publish my course?
  10. Always Remember To Logout And Close the Browser!
    1. How do I log out of Canvas?

Other Things to Know

  • Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning for training-related questions.  Please feel free to stop by L-244 or call us at 708-974-5347 during regular business hours.
  • The Help Desk should be the first point of contact on all technical issues for both faculty and students. Additionally, a few help desk personnel have been granted course view-only permissions to support students. The help desk will communicate with you if they needed to view your course in efforts to support a student help request. The Help Desk can be reached at 708-608-4357 (HELP) or via MVConnect.