Flash Web Tools – Find Alternatives

Flash’s Usefulness on the Web is Ending

If you have anything built on Flash or Shockwave in your course it is time to begin looking for a replacement. Canvas user support  has warned us that modern browsers will soon no longer support these fun little flash elements that you may have added to your course.  This is under the control of Microsoft Edge/I.E., Google Chrome,  Apple Safari and Firefox browsers and they are phasing out support for Flash.

  • If your course makes use of Camtasia videos with extentions of .swf please contact Multimedia or the Center for Teaching and Learning to explore your options. 
  • If you have fun little interactive elements, flashcards or puzzle elements downloaded into your course and are not sure if it is Flash please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to explore your options.

From Canvas Support

Flash Content Reminder: Canvas displays Flash content as supported within major browsers. Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox default to HTML5 as the preferred method for displaying website content, which promotes a faster, more secure browsing experience. These browsers will eventually block all Flash content. For best performance in Canvas, course content should be designed to support HTML5. Any affected content can still be accessed by manually allowing permission for flash content in the browser. Using the camera and microphone to record media content within the Canvas Rich Content Editor currently still relies on Flash and is being addressed by Canvas engineers.