Featured image for image sources, showing a person holding a camera
Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash

Have you ever wanted to find an image that you could use in a course, presentation, or another creative project? Many sites on the web offer images that can be used free of any copyright or licensing terms. One such site, Unsplash, offers over 300,000 images for use without copyright concerns. 

Unsplash boasts of a large community of photographers who have been generous enough to provide their work for free to the world at large. The site is easy to use, with a search engine on the top of every page. Collections of images exist for a level of filtering. All images are highly detailed and cover a variety of topics. 

Unsplash’s photos may not meet direct instructional needs. For example, you may not find an image of a heart with all of its parts labeled. Unsplash photos can easily be used in a course to provide images that relate to concepts of a course or presentation. For example, an image of people climbing a rock-strewn mountain can be used to discuss the idea of overcoming an obstacle, while an image of people reading a book and writing can imply a collaborative activity. Unsplash’s images can also be used in a decorative capacity in a course or presentation.

Unsplash also provides information on its license and privacy policy.

Try them out! – Unsplash.