DocViewer Annotation Changes 03/31/2018

Canvas has announced changes to the DocViewer for March 31st, 2018, which include annotation comment icons and free-draw stroke widths.

From the Canvas Production Release notes Canvas tells us:

Annotation Comment Icons

Individual comments include an icon that displays the type and color of the annotation. This change helps associate each comment with its annotation. The annotation icon displays next to the commentator’s name and only displays in the primary comment for an annotation. Replies to a comment do not include the icon.

Shows added comment to Annotation.

Free-Draw Stroke Widths

The Free-Draw annotation supports varied stroke widths. This change allows users to choose one of three different widths for line annotations. Each ink annotation can only have one width. Individual annotations must be saved before creating a new line with a different width.

lines may be free drawn into the document for annotations