Canvas Inbox &

Image of the Canvas Inbox and Calendar icons.Students sometimes confuse the Canvas inbox with your faculty email or their student email.

The Inbox icon is in the green menu bar on the left. When there is a message, a number in a circle will appear in the corner of the Inbox icon. The number in the circle indicates the number of unviewed messages.

The inbox within Canvas is a separate communications tool from either the student or faculty Moraine Valley email. If Canvas is left with default notification settings then Canvas should route inbox messages to your work email.

Think of it this way:

  • It is NOT the Canvas inbox if the conversation begins in your Moraine Valley email or your student sends you a message directly from their student email.
    • If you see both of your email addresses in the to and from it is not the Canvas Inbox.
  • If you or your student begin the conversation within Canvas then the conversation will take place in the Canvas Inbox. Canvas may route the conversation to you via your email (or other method) as long as it is set up to do so within the notifications preferences. By default, conversations will be forwarded to your Moraine Valley email.
    • Your email addresses will appear as
    • The default settings for Notifications from Canvas are to forward inbox ‘conversations’ immediately.
    • Individuals may change these defaults but all users can follow the conversation within the Canvas inbox.

The address is how Canvas routes notifications to your Moraine Valley Email. Notifications from this address include announcements, due dates and messages from the Canvas inbox sent to you. You may reply to these as it will route through Canvas to your student, using their notification settings.