TimelineJS, by Northwestern University’s Knight Lab, is an easy-to-use tool for designing beautiful interactive timelines. The tool has been used by academic institutions, news media, review websites, sports websites, among many others.

The tool itself relies on a templated Google Spreadsheet, which is copied to a user’s own Google account. Once copied, a user enters their data into the spreadsheet – including dates, descriptions, images, video, and more. The spreadsheet’s link is then sent through the TimelineJS tool, which turns it into a code that can be placed on a web page such as a page within Canvas.

TimelineJS is a fast way to add interactivity to a multitude of courses, with the timeline itself being placed inside of a Canvas page and displayed to students via a room projector or their own device. The timeline can be used to relate historical and modern events over a time frame, allowing students who are more visual to see how events transpire over time.

Take a look – TimelineJS