Everyone Benefits from Closed Captioning

Closed captioning directly benefits the deaf community, but captioned videos can also benefit everyone else.

Scenarios where captions are useful

  • Sound is intentionally off
  • Speakers/headphones are unavailable
  • At work
  • At church
  • In a library
  • While babysitting
  • Late night while doing homework
  • Commuting on noisy buses or trains
  • When introducing vocabulary
    • Your students may need the vocabulary words as they learn terms introduced in your videos
    • Closed captioning puts these vocabulary words in context and spelled correctly to reinforce learning
  • Your students may be hard of hearing but not willing to ‘declare’ a disability
  • Your students’ native language may not be English
  • Your dialect or accent may be difficult for a non-native speaker to clearly understand
  • And many more.

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