Plickers, showing a device displaying questions, and paper with QR codesHave you ever wanted to assess your students’ knowledge without the need for multiple mobile devices, clickers, or even a quick quiz?

Enter Plickers – An activity where students use paper-based cards to respond to questions, while the instructor uses a mobile device to read the cards.

Setup for Plickers is a fairly quick process.  It requires a mobile device (iPhone/iPad, Android), as well as the Plickers cards that can be printed or purchased.

Plickers provides a Getting Started Guide to aid in setup, with information on each step in the process.  Once complete, the instructor logs into Plickers on a classroom computer with a projector and the mobile app.  Questions are displayed via computer, while answers are scanned through the mobile device’s camera into the app.

Plickers are a great way of introducing quick technology into formative assessment in the face-to-face classroom.  Assessments conducted through Plickers can easily include quick knowledge and comprehension checks, such as ensuring students have read material prior to class.

If you’d like to learn more about Plickers itself, please visit the Plickers website.  For other ways to use Plickers with a class or other instructional questions, please contact the CTL.