Canvas Updates: October 19, 2019

Highlights in this release:

  • Navigation: Menu Changes
  • Gradeboook: Post Policy Icon Updates

Detailed information about these enhancements are provided below.

NAVIGATION: Menu Changes

The Course and User Navigation Menus have been updated to include visual indicators to define active menu items. The active link is displayed in black and includes a vertical line. Links that are not visible to students display the hidden visibility icon, represented as an eye with a slash through it. The Course Navigation Menu includes tooltip (hover) indicators clarify the hidden state appropriately.

Navigation menu before changes
Navigation menu before changes
Navigation menu after changes
Navigation menu after changes

Menu navigation items will not be visible to a student in one of two cases: a link contains no content, or is hidden via the Navigation tab in Course Settings. Third party LTI tools, including Attendance, UDOIT, Panopto Video, Badges, and Publisher Links will never display a hidden visibility icon. We recommend instructors use the Student View functionality to view menu links available to students.

Note: No existing functionality has been affected with this change.

GRADEBOOK: Post Policy Icon Updates 

When an assignment is set with the Manual Posting Policy, the Visibility icon, represented by an eye with a slash through it, has been replaced with the word Manual.  

Assignment with manual label

The outlined Visibility icon, represented by an eye with a slash through it, will display when grades have been entered into the Gradebook that need to be posted. The icon is displayed as outlined in black and white to ensure consistency throughout Canvas, such as in SpeedGrader.

releasing grades to students

Note: Assignments set with the Automatic Posting Policy do not include any additional indicator aside from the point value.