Lecture & Web Conference Alternatives

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As we all are quickly transitioning to an online format, we understand that it is most comfortable to want to stick with what we know and offer live synchronous sessions that mirror how we would teach in our face-to-face classrooms. Please know that synchronous sessions may not meet the needs of our students who are juggling many responsibilities, cannot participate, have inadequate technology resources, or may be competing for Internet resources within their household.

Additionally, synchronous teaching tools are in very high demand with so many schools scrambling to quickly go online during this crisis. As we try to best use our available resources, we kindly ask that you use synchronous webinar tools only when necessary. Please know, we are actively exploring our options to address this need at a larger scale but in the meantime we need your help. If we are all competing for the same resource it may not work for any of us; think of this like our current toilet paper crisis, but with technology!

You may want to consider the following alternatives:

  1. Create and share recorded videos using Panopto (or another video recording tool) and pair it with a discussion forum for questions and answers. Using Panopto in place to record and share other uploaded video has many advantages because the video is stored in the cloud, which makes it easier for students to view recordings as well as offers student usage and analytics. Discussions may also lead to more thoughtful questions and an opportunity for other students to demonstrate critical thinking by responding to their peers. To learn how to use Panopto, view the “Using Panopto in Canvas – Important First Steps” post.  Also, self-enroll in the Using Panopto Canvas course for more details.
  2. Create and share audio recordings/podcasts for lectures. Please see our Distance/Online Strategies page for suggested tools and resources!  Please see the following guides to record and upload audio files to Canvas.
  3. Allows students to turn in audio or video-based assignments.  Students can use Panopto to record video and can upload video created from other sources. Video-based assignments also allow for student to be able to review and reflect to learn from their mistakes. Please see the self-enroll Panopto Canvas Course for instructions and the “How do I create an online assignment?” Canvas guide.
  4. Share existing video resources from sources like YouTubeKhanAcademy and Vimeo. Please see the Canvas guide on how to embed video in Canvas. Additionally, the library many be able to assist you in locating alternative learning materials.
  5. Create a Panopto Live Webcast.  Panopto allows for webcasts that allows student to watch a live lecture through a link and use discussion/chat  for questions and comments. Instructors set up Panopto as normal, check the webcast box, press record in Panopto, and will receive a link on the bottom. The instructor will click Copy next to the link and then, can paste that link into announcements. Do this about before class and share the link with students via an announcement or anywhere else in Canvas. Please see the Panopto Live Webcast documentation for assistance.
  6. Use Jabber for office hours. Those with phone extensions may want to consider using Jabber through their computer or phone to assist students during office hours. Please see the Jabber training resources on ITConnect. Note, you may have to work with the Help Desk to enable access.

As a reminder, when exploring any web-based tools, please remember that student privacy is of the upmost concern.

The CTL is available to support you in using these alternative technologies. Please contact us at ctl@morainevalley.edu for assistance.

We hope this helps!