Reminder: 2021 Online Course Stopgap Training


Registration for the 2021 Online Course Stopgap Training has closed.  We are working to develop a new session for the Spring 2022 semester.  Please keep an eye on your email for an announcement about the new training session.

The Center for Teaching & Learning is offering registration for the 2021 Online Course Stopgap Training course.  If you’ve not already taken a previous Stopgap Training or Online Course Development, all current full-time and adjunct faculty should register as soon as possible.  All newly hired adjunct faculty should register no later than October 1, 2021.

If you have not completed any prior Online Course Stopgap Training with a review by your dean, or Online Course Development, then you must participate in 2021 Online Stopgap Training.

The CTL staff will enroll you into the 2021 rolling training course by the next Monday after registration.  All training work is due in approximately three weeks after your training begins.  

Register for 2021 Online Course Stopgap Training

Online Course Stopgap Training does not take the place of Online Course Development (OCD) offered through the CTL.  Please understand current circumstances allow for an abbreviated training of necessary skills.