Microsoft Accessibility

We are providing training links for Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 365. Below you will find resources to both WebAIM and Microsoft training links as you may find one or the other more helpful to you.

About WebAIM Resources

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) has provided comprehensive web accessibility solutions since 1999. These years of experience have made WebAIM one of the leading providers of web accessibility expertise internationally. WebAIM is a non-profit organization based at the Institute for Disability Research, Policy, and Practice at Utah State University.

Microsoft Accessibility Resources

Promoting Disability Inclusion

This resource provides a variety of information on accessibility and inclusion. You will learn better how you can support your students and your colleagues with disabilities.

Microsoft Word

Accessibility Checker

Heading styles

Alternative Text for Images




Color Contrast

File Names

  • Resource: It’s necessary to consider how a file is named when it is saved. Files using meaningful names are easier to find than those using complicated names.


Accessibility Checker:

Title & Headers

Font Size and Selection

Slide Layout

Reading order

Images and charts




Color Contrast

Additional Powerpoint Resources

Additional Resources