Certificate for Accessibility

CTL Accessibility Certificate seal depicting the CTL logo over an open book, surrounded by the department name and the words Accessibility Certificate underneathCTL Certificate Program – Certificate for Accessibility

The Center for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce a new certificate program focused on accessibility. The certificate is intended to reflect your awareness and capabilities in creating content that can be used by people with a range of abilities.

How Do I Earn the Certificate for Accessibility?

You will need to complete several tasks to earn the certificate:

  1. To sign up to work toward completing the certificate, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at (708) 974-5347, email us at ctl@morainevalley.edu, or use our contact form.
  2. Complete a pre-test related to accessibility.
  3. Complete three professional development activities related to accessibility or the Student with Disabilities Workshop (listed below). These can be face-to-face, online, or self-guided CTL trainings and workshops, or student support workshops focused on students with disabilities.
  4. Complete an accessibility scavenger hunt – Locate and submit 3 inaccessible items with descriptions of how to make them properly accessible. All 3 items will be submitted via Canvas.
  5. Write a short reflection of three to five sentences explaining your awareness of accessibility and how you will change your own processes, citing a specific example. Your self-reflection will be submitted via Canvas.
  6. Complete a post-test related to accessibility.
  7. After completing all other activities, complete an accessibility self-assessment via Canvas.

Professional Development Offerings Related to Accessibility

Self-Guided Accessibility Tutorials

Located on the CTL’s website: Self-Guided Tutorials, under Accessibility.

Registering for Sessions and Up-to-Date Offering Information

For the most up-to-date offerings and full descriptions, visit our event calendar.

To register, go to MVConnect under “Search, register, and pay for Non-Credit classes.”

Guided instructions on how to register can be viewed by visiting the Training Opportunities & Proposals page.

What Do I Receive When I Complete the Certificate Requirements?

After completing all tasks, you will receive a physical certificate. Additionally, eligible Full-time Faculty will receive PGUs for their three professional development activities.

How long do I have to complete the certificate?

The certificate must be completed within a calendar year.  For example, a certificate started on January 1, 2022, must be completed by December 31, 2022.  A certificate started on September 1, 2022, must also be completed by December 31, 2022.

How long is the certificate valid?

Unfortunately, as technology and regulations change, the certificate is valid for one year from issuance.


Please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at (708) 974-5347, email us at ctl@morainevalley.edu, or use our contact form.