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A Discussion on the Importance of Belonging

  We are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness at the same time as we have a crisis in democracy, marked by rising political polarization, disinformation, and political extremism. Join Psychology Professor Dr. Laura Lauzen-Collins, Sociology Professor Dr. Alison Lacny, History Professor Merri Fefles-Dunkle and Political Science Professor Kevin Navratil for a discussion on the importance of belonging to groups, institutions, and modern society and possible negative implications for society when individuals lack a sense of belonging. This event is co-sponsored by the Democracy Commitment and the One Book One College program. SEE LIVE STREAM HERE.

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CTL Updates for May 2, 2022

Check this week’s post which highlights upcoming professional development related to investing , copyright and plagiarism in various instructional settings, examining the erosion of democracy and understanding mental health issues facing college students.