Academic Services

The subdivision of Academic Services supports student learning and student success through collaboration with the vice president and other subdivisions in Academic Affairs to consistently and effectively implement policies and procedures.

Core Functions:

  • Academic Affairs policies and procedures
  • Academic integrity leadership
  • Adjunct faculty support and services
  • Annual program review
  • Assessment of student academic achievement
  • Astra schedule system implementation and maintenance
  • Staff   B240 and D108 student and faculty support offices
  • Develop college course catalog and academic calendar
  • Curriculum development and documentation
  • Facilities and classroom scheduling
  • Faculty evaluation process
  • New faculty office assignments and furnishings
  • Master class schedule
  • Rental Policies

The main Academic Services Faculty Support Offices are located in D108 and B240 and they provide the following services:

  • answer phones and take messages for faculty
  • assign lockers to adjunct faculty
  • compile and distribute assessment learning packets and student evaluation of instructor packets
  • distribute classroom supplies to faculty
  • distribute various forms to faculty
  • serve as a drop-off area for student papers and date/time stamp these submissions
  • maintain mailboxes and distribute faculty mail
  • maintain and support adjunct faculty work spaces
  • open computer labs in Building D
  • post signs regarding change of class location or canceled class

Adjunct Faculty Support includes:

  • adjunct handbook updates
  • adjunct faculty in-service
  • general information and forms