Code of Student Conduct

Code of Conduct wordle

The mission of Moraine Valley is to educate the whole person in a learning-centered environment, recognizing our responsibilities to one another, to our community, and to the world we share. Consistent with our mission and core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, fairness, and diversity, it is expected that students will govern themselves appropriately. The college recognizes a student’s right within the institution to freedom of speech, inquiry and assembly, to the peaceful pursuit of an education, and to the reasonable use of services and facilities of the college.

The Code of Student Conduct (the Code) defines the standards of conduct and establishes procedures to provide a full and fair opportunity for review of alleged student misconduct.

The Code reasonably limits some activities and prohibits certain behaviors, which could interfere with the orderly operation of the college and the pursuit of its goals. Each student is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with the Code. The College further recognizes each student’s right to procedural due process, including notice and a fair hearing

The Code of Student Conduct and other related forms may be located in MVConnect under Student Resources.