Photo ID

All employees (including full-time and part-time faculty, staff, and student employees), will be eligible to obtain a photo ID upon hire at no charge. An employee should obtain proper documentation prior to reporting to Photo ID. Employees who want to use library services, such as access to interlibrary loan and electronic databases, will need to have their photo ID.

Adjunct faculty and part-time staff should maintain possession of their photo ID even though they many have gaps in employment. Those previously issued a photo ID may be eligible for a new photo ID at no charge if at least 12 months have lapsed since last employment.

Lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged ID cards with two years of issuance are subject to a $5 replacement fee. The only exception will be those employees noted above with a 12-month employment lapse. Photo ID cards may be obtained in the Student Services Center, building S, near S101. Please contact your subdivision office to obtain your photo ID.