Accessible Math in Canvas

Mathematical Markup Languages

Math in a web environment typically uses different entry formats. LaTeX is the most common math markup language, allowing individual to insert mathematical and scientific notations for the web. LaTeX on its own is not compliant with accessibility guidelines. MathML, a different markup language, is compatible with accessibility guidelines.

Math and Science in Canvas

There is a math equation editor in the rich content editor (RCE) within Canvas. For accessibility, the equations generated with the math editor will create both the LaTeX and MathML descriptions for the equation. Both the LaTeX and MathML descriptions will be added to the alt tag for the equation image and screen readers will read your math formulas correctly.

Open Math Editor location on the rich content editor tool bar. The icon appears as the square root of x.

The Math editor can be located on the RCE toolbar in the middle of the bottom row. The icon appears to be the square root of x.

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