UDOIT and Accessibility Checker within Canvas

Two Options Within Canvas to Correct Accessibility Issues

Checking for accessibility issues within Canvas can be done within Canvas either using the Accessibility Checker in the rich content editor or by using UDOIT.

Canvas Accessibility Checker

The Rich Content Editor includes an accessibility tool that checks common accessibility errors within the editor. This tool can help you design course content while considering accessibility attributes and is on the Rich Content Editor menu bar.

This tool only verifies content created within the Rich Content Editor. This checks a single page in your course.

Open Accessibility Checker

Open Rich Content Editor

Click the Accessibility Checker icon.

Note: Depending on the width of your browser window, you may have to scroll the menu bar horizontally to view the icon.

Accessibility Checker

Color Contrast correction tool within the Canvas accessibility checker within the Canvas rich content editor. Two sliders are presented to correct color contrast.
How to Use Accessibility Checker – For specific information, please review the Canvas Guide on how to use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor within Canvas.

UDOIT Accessibility Check within Canvas Course

Where the above Accessibility Check is built into the Rich Content Editor and is an easy way to correct accessibility issues for a single page, UDOIT will check your entire course site. Using UDOIT you can find and quickly correct accessibility issues anywhere within your course. UDOIT will then offer you a ‘U Fix It!’ button for each issue.

A green button with the words U FIX IT in white letters.

The hardest part of using UDOIT is bringing yourself to click and run the report for the first time. Do not let the size of your first UDOIT report overwhelm you. Most issues will offer a one-button ‘U Fix It’ option to correct the issue. Each option presents the issue in a straightforward way along with information to correct the issue.

Overall Accessibility within Canvas

Ensuring an accessible and pleasant experience for all users is a key focus of Canvas. The Canvas platform was built using the most modern HTML and CSS technologies and is committed to W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative and Section 508 guidelines.

General accessibility design guidelines can be found in the General Design Guidelines for Accessibility guide on the Canvas Community.

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